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UCD Volunteers Overseas
Board of Trustees


Name: Dr. Niamh Pattwell, Chairperson
Niamh is a Lecturer / Assistant Professor in the UCD School of English, Drama and Film. She was Secretary of the UCDVO Board between 2014-2017 and took part in a planning visit to UCDVO's projects in South India in 2017.

Name: Anne Stewart                                                                                      Background: Anne completed a Masters in Human Rights in UCD in 2017 and took part in the UCDVO 2016/17 Programme as a Team Leader for the Nicaragua group. 

Name: Maura McGinn, Senior Treasurer
Maura is the Director of Institutional Research in UCD. She was Team Leader for the UCDVO Tanzania 2013 project and currently sits on the Finance Committee for the UCDVO Board.

Name: Sarah-Jane McCusker
Sarah-Jane graduated for Social Science in UCD in 2019. She travelled to Northeast India in 2018 with UCDVO, is the Auditor of the UCDVO Student Society for 2019/20 and in doing a two year Masters in Common Law from September 2019.

Name: Sarah Burke
Background: Sarah is a UCD Physiotherapy graduate with an interest in student development and global health. She first became involved with UCDVO in 2013 on the first Uganda project at COU Kisiizi Hospital. In 2014, she travelled as a returned volunteer and newly qualified Physiotherapist to the Ferrando Speech and Hearing Centre, North East India. She was elected to the Board in November 2014.

Name: Grainne Sheill
Background: Grainne is a chartered physiotherapist and has led UCDVO teams in South India, Uganda and Haiti.

Name: Dr. Aifric O'Sullivan
Background: Aifric is a Lecturer in Human Nutrition in the School of Agriculture and Food Science.

Name: Andrew Byrne, Junior Treasurer
Background: Andrew is a UCD Commerce Graduate. He volunteered with UCDVO on the Nicaragua 2013 project and returned as Student Leader in 2014. Andrew was Auditor of the Student Society in 2014/15 and worked as part of the UCDVO staff team from January 2016 - May 2016.

Name: Michael Keely
Background: Michael is a UCD graduate of physiotherapy. Michael has taken part in the Haiti and South India projects as a general volunteer and Student Leader. He has acted as a student representative on the Board in 2016/17.

Name:  Matthew Rose-Nel
Background: Matthew is in his final year studying Environmental Biology at UCD. He participated in the Tanzania Morogoro project in 2016 and as Student Leader on the Uganda Nansana project in 2018. He is also the Public Relations Officer for the UCDVO Student Society.

Name: Lynne Pasley
Background: Lynne has recently graduated with an MA in International Development. She was a Team Leader in Tanzania Ruaha in 2017. Lynne sits on the Finance Committee of the UCDVO Board.

Name: Leah Foyle
Background: Leah is currently studying Human Nutrition at UCD. She participated in the Uganda Kisiizi project in 2017 and returned to Uganda as a Student Leader in 2018. Leah is the Team Coordinator for the Uganda Nansana team for 2018/19.

Name: Anna Egan, Junior Secretary    
Background: Anna is a UCD History Graduate who participated in the UCDVO Programme and the Nicaragua 2016 project as a general volunteer. Upon her return, Anna sat on the Student Society Committee and in 2017 completed an internship with UCDVO Partner, Nurture Africa in Nansana, Uganda.