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UCD Volunteers Overseas

Code of Good Practice

UCDVO is a signatory to the Comhlámh Code of Good Practice and has agreed to follow a three-step implementation model. This involves: (1) signing up to the Code; (2) completing a self-audit; and (3) using peer support to ensure that all organisations are able to implement the principles.

The Code of Good Practice has been developed as part of Comhlámh’s Volunteering  Options Programme. It sets out standards for organisations involved in facilitating international volunteer placements in developing countries, focusing on the involvement of the three main stakeholders involved in any overseas placement: the sending organisation, the host project, and the volunteer. Additionally, it reflects a number of core values. These are: partnership, quality, security, encouraging appropriate volunteer attitudes, valuing volunteering, sustainability, solidarity, and the importance of contributing to development.

All signatories to the Code agree to uphold the following principles:
1) Have volunteer programmes based on realistic aims and objectives with appropriate and useful volunteer roles
2) Provide sufficient resources and support to run volunteer programmes in an efficient and sustainable manner
3) Provide marketing and imagery consistent with good practice, and clear expressions of organisational aims, ethos and values
4) Provide potential volunteers with free, fair and unbiased information on their organisation and volunteer placements
5) Use fair, consistent and transparent recruitment procedures
6) Assist and provide for the varying support needs of volunteers
7) Ensure that volunteers participate in appropriate preparation, training and induction
8) Ensure the protection, safety and well being of volunteers and those they work with, as far as possible
9) Provide recognition for volunteers
10) Provide ongoing monitoring and evaluation
11) Provide debriefing to returned volunteers