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UCD Volunteers Overseas

UCDVO and Camara Education


Over the past 10 years, UCDVO has collected 1225 desktop computers, 548 laptops and 815 monitors from within UCD and these have been transferred to Camara Education’s warehouse in Chapelizod for refurbishment and reuse in schools. UCDVO, through its partnership with the Camara Tanzania hub and a local NGO in Tanzania called TanzED, have collaborated with 37 schools to establish computer rooms which provide a digital learning space for teachers and pupils. This partnership has delivered the following results:

  • 1000 recycled computers sent out to schools in Tanzania
  • 1500 Tanzanian teachers provided with basic ICT training and refresher courses
  • 25,000+ school children provided access to a computer lab within their school
  • 270 volunteers from the UCD community (students, staff and graduates) travelled to Tanzania to provide ICT training for teachers
  • Set up of two solar powered computer labs in rural Haiti with training for 50+ teacher

Camara Education from March 2019, has outsourced data erasure and IT asset disposal services to AMI, Ireland’s leading technology disposal and data destruction company. The services provided by AMI are fully certified in line with the highest level of industry standards and certified to ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 and 27001. The new system however, sadly means that we must draw the curtain on the bi-annual UCDVO computer drop off events that were run in partnership with Camara Education. This is a new chapter for Camara Education. Camara will continue to support UCDVO by supplying reusable computer equipment to Tanzanian schools supported by UCDVO.

Under the new arrangement, In the event of having IT equipment that is no longer needed, UCD Departments should contact Mark Fox or Lucy Cox Kearns at to arrange IT equipment collections. They will process your collection requirement.

Finally, UCDVO and Camara Education wish to express our sincere gratitude to each and all people who doncated equipment and all the volunteers who assisted in the drop off process in UCD.