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UCD Volunteers Overseas

UCDVO Book Appeal

Where will Your Books Go

UCDVO collects primary and secondary school books, simple novels and children’s readers to develop libraries in primary and secomdary schools in Tanzania (c/o TanzEd

UCDVO sends volunteers to the above locations for one month each year. Volunteers will assist with setting up libraries and organising activities to improve literacy levels of children in the above schools. For more information and to keep up-to-date on UCDVO projects you can follow us on Facebook:

Types of Books

  • Books for first-time readers – preferably brightly illustrated
  • Story books for children: easy English
  • Fictional series
  • Fairytales, myths, legends
  • Reference Books – recent encyclopaedias, dictionaries (including pictorial dictionaries)
  • Science books with illustrations/ pictures for secondary schools
  • World Geography, Mathematics and Computers
  • Books that are on a series such as 'How to......' for adults and children
  • Basic teaching methodologies, skills for teachers
  • Illustrated books for nursery, primary pupils - simple stories
  • Arts & Crafts books


We do not accept the following books:

  • Religious books
  • Irish, French, German or other language books
  • Books which have a pre-dominantly Irish focus, e.g. Irish folklore, geography, history
  • Books in poor condition


Requirements and Procedures for Donating

Please remove any personal information which may be written inside covers (names, phone numbers etc.) and check that there are no personal documents folded inside books. If possible, please organise the books by subject and age before them dropping off to UCDVO.  

Please contact for more information.


We unfortunately are unable to accept any more book donations currently and will update on this page when we are on a position to do so.