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UCD Volunteers Overseas


 Breakdown of costs:

Volunteers who participate in the 2019/20 Volunteer Programme have an individual target of €2,650. All money raised in the name of UCDVO must be lodged to the UCDVO account in accordance with the timeline below.

This covers flights, accommodation, local transport, visas, insurance, training, and the implementation of community development projects in the areas of healthcare, education, infrastructure and environmental protection.

Please note, the distribution of these funds differs according to each project location depending on flight costs, visa requirements, internal transport requirements, project activities, fluctuations in exchange rates etc. In all cases, UCDVO aims to maximise the funds available for project activities and minimise the allocation of funds on participation costs. 

There are other personal costs to volunteers which are not included in the above target, such as travel vaccinations, anti-malaria medication and other medical supplies, doctor's cert to show fitness to travel, suitable clothing and equipment for working on project sites. These costs are covered personally by the individual and are not covered by fundraising.

 Volunteer Lodgement Dates for the 2019/20 Programme:

  • €350 due by 29th November 2019
  • €750 due by 29th January 2020
  • €550 due by 26th February 2020
  • €600 due by 27th March 2020
  • €400 due by 29th April 2020

All funds raised in the name of UCDVO, must be lodged to the UCDVO account. If volunteers raise funds over their target, the additional funds must be lodged and will be taken into account when considering ways to develop UCDVO's overseas projects further.

If you would like some advice from past volunteers, you can email Emer Nolan on (starting from September 2019) or drop into the Student Society Office on campus - located beside Readers Cafe in the Library Building.