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UCD Volunteers Overseas

Delhi Project

UCDVO teams worked in Delhi between 2003 and 2013. Over 250 volunteers from UCD and approximately 50 volunteers from universities in Delhi worked together during this period to implement a number of education, physiotherapy and construction projects primarily based in slum areas around the city. While UCDVO no longer operates a volunteer programme in Delhi, we continue to support our partner organisations where possible.

UCDVO Partner Organisations:


‘Just getting to know the team members and the different cultures that we were both part of was definitely one of the highlighting factors of UCDVO for me’ - Karisma Rawat, Indian Volunteer, UCDVO Delhi 2010

The highlight was seeing the children enjoy the activities so much, seeing them all participate, and seeing them with notebooks and study papers even after the volunteers left for a day!’ - Jessie Hodges, Former Volunteer Co-ordinator, Salaam Baalak Trust

'Without seeing these places for yourself it is hard to believe how positive and friendly the adults and kids we worked with are, when the conditions they deal with can be so difficult’ - Emma Kate-O’Brien, UCDVO Delhi 2010


Click here to view photos of UCDVO's projects in Delhi