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UCD Volunteers Overseas

Haiti Project

UCDVO has been running projects in Gros Morne in north-west Haiti since 2005. Since then, over 200 volunteers have spent one month working within this same community. UCDVO works with two missionary sisters, Sr. Patricia Dillon and Sr. Jackie Picard from the Religious of Jesus and Mary (RJM), to implement community development projects which have included the construction of houses, schools, shelters, latrines, flood prevention walls; and summer camps for almost 2000 children from the local area.

‘It was a privilege to observe both close up and from a distance just how much the kids were responding to the volunteers and how much of a difference every single person in our group was making to these children.’ - Patrick O’Neill, Group Leader 2010

"The impact we left may not make headlines, but trying to aid the development of Haiti is a bit like trying to negotiate its landscape. It will be a long and arduous journey. So many of the factors which hold it back are external, and policies made in offices far away in the US or Europe are the deciding factors for the future of Haiti. But people on the ground make the real difference to the people of Haiti. And in that cause UCDVO can do no better. May it continue its good work for years to come." - Donagh Humphries, Student Volunteer, Haiti 2009 project

Niall Murphy, a UCDVO volunteer, spent 6 months in Haiti in 2011. Niall was UCDVO's first long-term volunteer. Read about his experience through his blog:


UCDVO Key Project Achievements 2005 - 2015

  • 110 latrines built to improve sanitation 
  • 20 stone walls built in the ravines for flood prevention 
  • Construction of eleven houses  and two classrooms
  • Home for the elderly extended and renovated 
  • Over 4,000 children involved in educational summer camps 
  • Extension to Bigue Community School 
  • Haiti Earthquake appeal: over €106,000 raised in one month 
  • Construction of food storage facility
  • Solar powered computer lab and ICT training for teachers 

Partner Organisations

  • RJM Missionaries, Haiti
  • Camara Haiti 


Click here to view photos of UCDVO's projects in Haiti.