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UCD Volunteers Overseas

Nicaragua Project

UCDVO began its first project in Nicaragua in 2007 in the village of San Isabel near the town of Somoto in northern Nicaragua. Locals identified the need for a Health Centre and the supply of water as their chief needs. In partnership with SILIAS the governmental health organisation UCDVO volunteers and locals built the health centre and paid for the drilling and supply of water to the village. In 2008, volunteers built another Health Centre in El Kairo with funding from Irish Aid.

Since 2009, volunteers have been based in the town of Somoto and collaborate with a number of NGOs for implementing educational and construction projects. UCDVO's main partners are:



'It was a huge privilege for me to be afforded the opportunity to make a real impact on the lives of less fortunate, but very special people. I think the emotions on both sides as we left Los Quinchos for the last time was perhaps a sign that we had made a real difference. The relationship between Los Quinchos and UCDVO has now been firmly established and it is very important that future groups go on to strengthen this bond.' - Shane O'Byrne, Student Volunteer, Nicaragua 2009 & 2010 projects

"I was extremely privileged to experience three weeks on the construction site and spend my last week in Los Quinchos Education Centre, in effect getting the best of both worlds. A core group of five, competent Spanish speaking volunteers ensured routine and familiarity for the attending children. English classes, arts and crafts, skipping and plenty of games was the order of the day."- Chloe Halpenny, Student Volunteer, Nicaragua 2011 project


UCDVO Key Project Acheivements 2007 - 2017

  • 1 multi-purpose classroom was constructed by at a rural education centre
  • 1 water tank was funded by UCDVO and installed at Escuelita del Mercado
  • 30 young people took part in a football socialisation programme in Uniles
  • 35 - 40 students were taught at Las Palmiras primary school
  • 40 students were taught at Escuelita del Mercado
  • Tree house, basketball court and chicken coop built in Los Quinchos Education Centre 
  • Health centres built in Santa Isabel and El Kairo
  • 200 children engaged in arts and crafts, sports and education workshops 
  • Drip irrigation systems built for several local communities
  • Agricultural processing centre built, increasing the daily wage of local farmers 
  • Fencing built around La Escuelita de Mercado
  • Pre-school and Primary School built in Las Palmiras 
  • Library developed and stocked in Los Quinchos 
  • Extension built onto La Escuelita del Mercado in the centre of Somoto 
  • Construction of stoves to improve health conditions in local homes
  • Construction of dormitories at an agricultural training centre

 Click here to view photos of UCDVO's projects in Nicaragua