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UCD Volunteers Overseas

1. How do I apply to volunteer with UCDVO?

Online applications are available from the end of September each year. Applications usually close mid-October and shortlisted applicants are called for interview.

2. Can I apply if I've volunteered on past UCDVO Programmes?

Yes, volunteers can re-apply for the UCDVO Programme. If you feel you would be a good Student Leader or Team Leader having been previously involved in our overseas projects, we would encourage you to put yourself forward for these roles also.

3. Can I choose which country I want to volunteer in?

If you are called for interview you will be asked whether you have a country preference, however it may not be possible to place you on a project in your preferred country. We encourage applicants to keep an open mind and be as flexible as possible.

4. How much do I have to pay/fundraise?

Each volunteer has an individual target of €2,600 to fund the work carried out overseas (e.g. education, construction and healthcare projects), along with their expenses - flights, accommodation, visas (if required), daily transport, insurance and training. These funds are raised through a combination of personal finances, sponsorship and events.

Medical expenses such as travel vaccinations, malaria tablets and pre-departure medical cert are covered separately by the individuals and are therefore not included in your fundraising target, these expenses can amount to over €400 in total.

5. Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, there a five lodgement dates throughout the year. See fundraising for specific dates. The full amount of €2,600 must be lodged by the end of May so as to secure your place - UCDVO will make all the necessary arrangements for booking flights and accommodation, therefore it is crucial that money is lodged on time.

6. When do overseas projects take place?

Projects are four weeks in duration and take place during June and July. Dates are confirmed once the flights have been booked.

7. What commitment do I have to give during the year?

Please see the programme for the year to get a clear understanding of the what's required. There are a number of mandatory events which volunteers must commit to in order to retain their place on the programme.

8. Where can I access fundraising materials (posters, t-shirts, buckets etc)?

These are available by contacting the UCDVO Programme Assistant Zoe Liston on You must sign out materials and bring them back immediately after your event so as to ensure others have access to equipment. A deposit of €10 is also required when borrowing items. 

9. Do I need a permit for my fundraiser?

If you are carrying out a fundraising event on public property you will require a Garda Permit. You can pick up an application form from your local Garda Station and send it back to the relevant Superintendent for the area you are collecting. Letters of confirmation are available from the UCDVO office. Permits usually take 3-4 weeks to process so make sure to give yourself plenty of time to apply before your event. Always make sure to carry a copy of your permit on you at the fundraiser.

10. Do I need insurance for a fundraising event?

Fundraising events such as bagpacks, quizzes, bucket collections etc are covered under the UCDVO Public Liability Insurance policy. Copies of this policy are available from the UCDVO office. However, if your fundraising event has an increased level of risk for participants or the general public you will need to check with the UCDVO Manager as to whether it is covered under UCDVO Insurance. All event details should be registered online via the UCDVO Event Tracker - details of how to do this are provided at Induction and in the Volunteer Guide.