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UCD Volunteers Overseas

 Volunteer Charter

UCDVO is a signatory to Comhlámh's Code of Practice for Sending Organisations. As a signatory to this code, UCDVO is committed to implementing the best practice model in sending volunteers overseas and ensuring they are fully supported before, during and after their placement.

For full details on the Code of Practice, see

The Volunteer Charter is a guide for people who are going to volunteer overseas in developing countries. It sets out seven principles that aim to encourage responsible, responsive international volunteering. Each of these principles contains a list of questions to help you make sure that you have thought about the issues raised, and to ensure that you know why they are important.

Principles for Volunteers:

1. Inform themselves about all relevant issues relating to their placement
2. Familiarise themselves thoroughly with their role description before departure
3. Respect local customs and adopt the role of learners and guests
4. Act always in a professional manner and be flexible and adaptable while in their placement
5. Take due care with their personal safety and physical and mental health
6. Channel the experience and knowledge gained while overseas into Irish society
7. Accept and sign a code of conduct embodying these principles UCDVO requests that all volunteers travelling on the overseas projects read through the Volunteer Charter carefully and sign the code of conduct before departure.
Copies will be made available to volunteers at the pre-departure training days or can be downloaded here