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UCD Volunteers Overseas
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UCD Volunteers Overseas works in partnership with local organisations in India, Tanzania and Uganda. Our partners and their communities have been significantly impacted by Covid-19, and we want to do everything we can to support them during this crisis.

Communities who were already affected by poverty, are struggling to provide food for their families; with public transport halted, accessing the limited healthcare available locally is increasingly difficult; children with disabilities are especially vulnerable; social distancing is next to impossible in crowded conditions; for many, access to clean water is not a daily reality.

READ about how UCDVO's Partners are responding to Covid-19 or DONATE now.


UCDVO’s Vision and Mission 

UCDVO’s Vision is for the UCD Community to have an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing humanity worldwide, and the determination and commitment to tackle issues underlying global poverty and inequality.

UCDVO’s Mission is to provide the UCD Community with opportunities to engage in international volunteering and development education activities, which are designed in partnership with local communities and in line with international development frameworks


Recent News & Opportunities

Applications for the UCDVO 2020/21 Programme open the 6th October-6th November.


Come along to one of our Programme Information Sessions to find out more. 


Applications for Be the Change open on the 5th of October. 


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