UCD Volunteers Overseas (UCDVO) is a registered charity founded in 2003 by the late Fr. Tony Coote. We are based within UCD Global and are governed by a Board of Trustees.

UCDVO’s Vision is of a vibrant, global community working together for a fair and sustainable world.

UCDVO’s Mission - In collaboration with UCD and partners, we create opportunities for transformative learning and responsible volunteering. 


UCDVO’s 2023 Volunteer Programme will combine the best of in-person global citizenship education with responsible international volunteering. We prioritise a responsible and ethical approach to international volunteering and global citizenship education to create a vibrant active citizenship programme.

The programme is structured around a series of global citizenship education courses, workshops and events carried out in a non-formal context and also includes approximately 4 weeks of volunteering overseas or online with one of our partners in India, Tanzania and Uganda.

The volunteering projects are developed with UCDVO’s partners in the following areas: public health (including nutrition and physiotherapy), education, livelihoods, agriculture and community development.

In addition to the programme, UCDVO engages with the UCD community through a series of stimulating evening courses on activism and change-making, as well as events such as the UCDVO Development Film Series and the Annual Forum.

Since our foundation, there has been an extremely high level of student involvement in the organisation. This led to the establishment of the UCDVO Student Society in 2008 which remains an integral part of UCDVO.