Quality & Impact

UCDVO’s programme engages the UCD community (staff/faculty, students, alumni) and aims to cultivate active global citizens who have the confidence and skills to tackle global justice issues. The programme is focused on developing knowledge, skills and attitudes of participants and there is a strong emphasis placed on how participants can generate awareness in their own local communities and among their peer groups.



The overseas projects are developed in collaboration with our partners, based on the needs of the local communities. The projects have helped to improve the quality of education for children in Tanzania; supported the delivery of public health programmes and community rehabilitation for children with disabilities in Uganda and India and provided opportunities for mutual learning and connection between communities.

We have a monitoring and evaluation framework in place to gather data, feedback and evaluations from all programme participants and overseas partners. We carry out an annual review of the programmes and make revisions where needed based on lessons learned.

In 2019, 103 people participated in the UCDVO Programme or UCDVO Volunteering and Global Citizenship Programme.