Solidarity in Action

This course (or learning journey)  aims to cultivate sustainable activism in participants. It is less focused on solutions and leans into a deeper examination of the self and where that ‘self’ is situated within the global structures that support inequality. It is an education process that works to build stamina/resilience and integrity for long-term global citizenship and activism.



Solidarity in Action includes a one day workshop with approximately 15 participants taking place March.This is followed by a three-month Learning Journey with assigned mentors and group check-ins, to reconvene with a second full day workshop in June. During the three-month period, participants are challenged to undertake an Action Experiment. The word ‘action’ could mean a literal and measurable action/activism/engagement, but it is not limited to that. Actions could include work done by the individual around communication, values transformation, creative expression etc.

This course is open to those who have previously participated in one of our evening courses (Be the Change or Skills in Development Education) or the UCDVO Volunteering and Global Citizenship Programme.

Solidarity in Action builds on the spirit of these spaces, providing opportunity for members of the UCDVO community to continue their exploration of the global challenges we face and how to best respond to them in our respective contexts.

As part of Solidarity in Action you will have the opportunity to:

  • Continue your journey beyond general awareness of pressing global issues
  • Build and sustain a brave space with others, daring to have difficult conversations while mindfully taking care of yourself and others
  • Engage in a self-determined learning process, where you are owning the way you engage with what is offered
  • Deepen self-awareness at different levels (cognitive, embodied, relational) and expand your capacity for ethical relating and mobilising solidarity-based action with others


Read the Solidarity in Action Course Description.


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The course is brought to you by UCD Volunteers Overseas in partnership with Comhlámh and is funded by Concern Worldwide.