Solidarity in Action 

Over the last few years, UCDVO has offered two evening courses for those looking to broaden and deepen their engagement with global justice issues and action for social change. Be the Change and Skills in Development Education provide a space for the UCD staff, students and alumni, as well as external applicants, to come together to learn about global development and social justice issues in a friendly, informal environment.

Solidarity in Action builds on the spirit of these spaces, providing opportunity for members of the UCDVO community to continue and deepen their exploration of the global challenges we face and how to best respond to them in our respective contexts. Solidarity in Action aims to cultivate sustainable activism in participants. It is less focused on solutions and leans into a deeper examination of the self and where that ‘self’ is situated within the global structures that support inequality. It is an education process that works to build stamina/resilience and integrity for long-term global citizenship and activism. 

Solidarity in Action ran from March 18th to June 12th 2021, for 17 participants.

Solidarity in Action Publication 2021

Following the course, we invited participants to share their reflections from Solidarity in Action 2021. The purpose of the publication is to capture and share some of the unique learning and impacts for those involved. Participants were invited to submit material in a wide variety of forms - essay, reflection, poetry, drawings, paintings, photos etc. 

The reflections in this publication touch on the value of stories; the generative power of vulnerability; what it means to examine where we are located within matrices of power; curiosity; the collective; connection with human and other-than-human worlds and the importance of relationships. ‘Solidarity’ was the anchor theme of this course and was embodied in the group’s engagement with each other and their communities.

Reconnecting with many of our alumni for this course was one of the great joys that we encountered and we continue to be inspired and energised by the people and communities we meet. 

We hope you enjoy the reflections shared in this publication written by the course participants in response to their time on Solidarity in Action.

Many thanks to Concern Worldwide for their support through the Development Education Grants Scheme and to Micheal Doorly, Head of Active Citizenship at Concern.