Where Your Money Goes

As a charity seeking donations from the public, UCD Volunteers Overseas aims to comply with the Guidelines for Charitable Organisations Fundraising from the Public issued by the Charities Regulator in 2017.

Our pledge is to treat all our donors with respect, honesty and openness. We commit to being accountable and transparent so that donors and prospective donors can have full confidence in UCD Volunteers Overseas.

UCDVO uses charitable donations from the public to support the programmes of our partners - currently in India, Tanzania and Uganda. Our partners provide healthcare, livelihoods and education services and run community development programmes with local communities, including children with disabilities and their families, who otherwise would not have access to such basic services. Read more about our partners.

Our total income in 2018/19 was €509,876. Of this total, €346,854 was spent on charitable activities - our year long volunteering and development education programme, and global citizenship activities across UCD. €306,799 was directed to partners and overseas projects (including flights, accommodation etc.). €122,524 was donated services from UCD Global for staff.

All funds for our overseas projects are raised through volunteer fundraising/public donations and fundraising activities run by UCDVO in collaboration with colleagues in UCD. We are particularly grateful to our volunteers who each raise a minimum of €2,650 to participate in the programme every year in Uganda, Tanzania and India. Without this support, the volunteer projects supporting health, education and community development simply would not take place. 

The graphic below shows the expenditure per partner in 2019. Please note that these figures include the total project costs for each project, so includes flights, accommodation, transport, insurance etc. as well as the costs of the project and funding to each partner.