Membership of Networks

UCDVO is a member of Dóchas, the Irish Association of Non-Governmental Development Organisations. Dóchas is the national voice of the international development sector in Ireland. It is a leading voice for organisations that want Ireland to be a world leader in efforts to bring about global justice. As a member, UCDVO is part of a community that comes together to share their experiences, and to use those experiences to advance more effective ways to end all forms of poverty and injustice.

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We are also a member of IDEA - The Irish Development Education Association. This is the national network for development education in Ireland and a leading voice for the sector. IDEA works to strengthen development education in Ireland and to raise awareness of the crucial role it has to play in achieving an equal, just and sustainable future. IDEA’s 2019-2023 Strategy promotes the essential role of development education in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

UCDVO is also a founding member of the Comhlámh Development Education Working Group. The purpose of this group is to build capacity and offer support to volunteer sending agencies in their development education or global citizenship work within their programmes. Principle 3 of Comhlámh’s Code of Good Practice requires organisations to engage volunteers in issues of global development through development education approaches.